Notes on Improving Writing Quality

Assorted quotes and thoughts I’ve collected lately

A neighbour in London’s cat. Taken by me. This picture has nothing to do with the post.

Come up with a soundbite for your writing

Physically move around the structure of your writing

Obfuscation in writing is always bad

From An Art Leveraging A Science

Leave out the boring parts of your writing

From The Age of The Essay

Two priorities for better writing: simplicity and a strong opening

From The Day You Become A Better Writer

Two types of precision in writing

From Tips For Advanced Writers

Difficult vs. good

Thoughts: I sometimes fall into a trap of thinking if something is difficult, it must be leading to a worthwhile outcome. Good writing is difficult, difficult writing is not always good. Excitement makes everything easier.

Success vs. achievements

Thoughts: You can measure how your writing progresses by looking at markers for success or achievement. To my mind, success means external validation through the approval of other people. Achievement means internal validation through reaching some kind of higher level or completing a goal you’ve set yourself. It seems important to me to draw satisfaction more from achievements on the personal level (e.g. writing up book notes), compared to success if you’re writing as part of a wider aim outside yourself (e.g. writing a sales page).

Delete whatever doesn’t add to the main point

From Make Your Point And Get Out The Way

Don’t lose focus on the central motif in your writing

Found via A Working Library

Identify the good parts

Sturgeon’s Law

Divide up your writing

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