(I get that music wasn’t the main point of this post, but-) I used to feel like this about music.

And books, movies, people, places, etc. But especially music. Maybe because you can read a book once or watch a film once and feel like you’ve ‘done’ it. But, in my opinion, you need to listen to a good album 10 times to get it, 100 to really know it.

Then something changed. For the last few years, I’ve essentially only listened to one musician 95% of the time (so, at least 20 hours a week.) Weirdly, I prefer it this way. My love for their music only gets stronger with time and I’m never bored by it. People tell me they’ve never seen someone love a single band’s music so much.

So, I guess there’s something to be said for focusing on one thing and draining every drop of happiness and enjoyment out of it, rather than superficially trying to experience everything.

Content strategist @ Farnam Street by day. Essays here sometimes. Berlin. More writing/ say hi: rosieleizrowice.com

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