‘The Great Mental Models: Systems and Mathematics’ is now out.

On January 1st, 2019, I woke up in my room in London, fed the cat, made coffee, then sat down to begin my first day working at FS. The first thing I did was to make a new Google Doc entitled ‘TGMM3: Systems and Mathematics.’

About two and a half…

Slack vs. waste

Persistence vs. delusion

Costly signals vs. the fundamental attribution error

Reasons vs. excuses

Honesty vs. rudeness

Talent vs. luck

Kindness vs. manipulation

Efficiency vs. effectiveness

Gearing up vs. procrastination

Distraction vs. subconscious processing

Scrupulosity vs. compulsion

Improvement vs. newness

Buffer vs. overwhelm

Risk appetite vs. recklessness


A collection of reflections on an unmistakably strange time

At the start of the pandemic, I told myself I wouldn’t write about it. I still believed the mass destabilisation was a mere blip I’d later prefer to forget.

Seeing as I try to keep my writing ahistorical-ish when possible, why jump on the bandwagon of picking over what would…

How to have (more, creative) ideas

Over the last four years, I’ve amassed a tangled array of thousands of notes on things I find interesting or useful. They’re collected from some combination books, blog posts, songs, tweets, Wikipedia pages, news articles, forum posts, things people say, and ideas that drift into my brain.

Having previously shared…

Things to try out for 30-days at a time

‘Run experiments, place bets, say oops. Anything less is an act of self-sabotage.’ — Eliezer Yudkowsky, Inadequate Equilibria

In my last post, I wrote about why I love short-term experiments as a way to learn new stuff and stress-test existing beliefs.

As part two of that post, here’s a list…

I wanted to climb inside their music and roll around

The two most intense musical obsessions I’ve experienced so far in my life have been The Beatles and Bright Eyes.

It took years of angsty fumbling to write my Sort-of love letter to Bright Eyes, an attempt to convey a slither of the adoration I’ve felt (and still feel) for that band.

But The Beatles came first. I’ve loved them for about 14 years now. Despite countless efforts, I’ve never…

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Content strategist @ Farnam Street by day. Essays here sometimes. Berlin. More writing/ say hi: rosieleizrowice.com

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